SOLOKOLOS A Triple Solo Performance by Jeroen Stevens, Elko Blijweert and Mauro Pawlowski

 17 MARCH 2021 deSingel, Antwerp PREMIERE

23 MARCH 2021 STUK, Leuven

25 MARCH 2021 NONA, Mechelen

1 MAY 2021 Het Oude Badhuis, Antwerpen

Tour: March 2021 – December 2022

Creation and performance Elko Blijweert, Mauro Pawlowski and Jeroen Stevens Dramaturgy, co-creation and artistic coordination Greet Van Poeck Styling and set design Tina Schott Technical direction and sound Pepijn Mesure Movement coaching Lisbeth Gruwez, Simon Dhaen

Coproduction: deSingel (Bouge B 2021)
Support: Voetvolk, Ultima Vez
Residencies: WPZimmer, De Studio, Het Oude Badhuis and deSingel



Preparing for a new creation: SOLOKOLOS


Mauro, Elko and Jeroen are three widely skilled musicians, playing with international touring bands. Though their style and musical education differ, their complementary expertise perfectly matches. Some of our most famous Belgian directors have invited them to create music for and to play live during their performances: Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez, Lisbeth Gruwez/Voetvolk, Marc Maillard/froefroe, …

The influence of these collaborations shows in their concerts: more than ever, they make use of performing elements: dance, spoken word, visual elements, props, … These experimental actions have not gone unnoticed for fans and critics: their concerts reach far beyond a pure musical sensation.

Subsequently, these experiences lead to another natural, yet challenging extension of their artistic trajectory: making and performing their own piece with a strong focus on movement, including spoken word, poetry and/or installation, …, : solos in which they perform themselves, simultaneously playing live music. 

Since Jeroen, Elko and Mauro have a very strong artistic connection, they choose to present their solos as a triple bill evening.




SOLO 1: MIDIDIM #TWSS (working title) – Jeroen Stevens

For MIDIDIM #TWSS, Jeroen investigates the combination of two quite opposite starting points: digital technology and popular culture:

He explores the transcription of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface into prose and dance, and researches how these communication tools -harmonious or dissonant- could relate.

Secondly, he delves into the use of popular culture and mass consumption and its effects. He doesn’t reject mass culture, but approaches it in a loving yet playful prickly and critical way. By embracing and extremely highlighting its dullness and silliness, mass culture becomes intriguing and fascinating.

For MIDIDIM#TWSS, he snoops in the world of strippers and TV contests.

In his typical funny and crotchety way, the solo will be a critique on mass consumption and at the same time an expression of his love for popular culture.


SOLO 2: On Left Bank (working title) – Elko Blijweert

Elko, known as one of Belgium’s multifaceted and finest guitarist,  doesn’t stick to his distinguished guitar playing only when it comes to his solo music. In his compositions, the beauty and the tristesse intrinsic to imperfection, is as fundamental as high skills and expertise. 

Elko’s solo music and performances give an impressionistic peek into his autobiographical world: In On Left Bank, he digs in the barrel of his childhood and growing up in the 80ies and 90ies, his journeys around the world and through his dreams, his view on his life in the past, present and future, and on the (grimly) changing world. His moves are, exactly as his music, a combination of influences from all over. A few examples are (inspired by Jean Claude Van Damme) martial arts, (ultra-flexible) Michael Jackson moves, (feminine) Balinese arm movements and static sombre tribal dance.

Inspired by the ‘journeys around the world’ during gym class at primary school, Elko will lead the audience through his cerebral and emotional thoughts and dreams. As a flying and floating magician, he guides the spectators from one eccentric universe into another.


SOLO 3: Rocker – Mauro Pawlowski

Blessed with a genius eclectic brain full of demonic distortion and gentle craziness, Mauro meanders from obscure noise and black metal to pop and schlager, from music over poetry and visual arts to performance. It’s all in Mauro’s master skull and satanic ass.

Not in the least concerned about his physical condition nor his reputation, Mauro’s concerts are (in)famous for his spectacular performance, he’s a showman who crosses limits and goes where others stop. It’s all for real, which makes his performances extremely scary, deadly serious or hilariously funny, mostly all at the same time.

His style is too elusive to describe, one might wonder who the real Mauro is… But one thing is certain: this time, it is the real Mauro who will stand up: everything he constructs, the performance, the music and the installation, will be build and manipulated by him and him only. His first performance solo will be an autobiographical, even narcissistic, artistic expression of who he is: Rocker.